Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Get Up and Go' by the Go-Go's

I have never watched "Stranger Things" -- what I lack in sci-fi interest I don't make up for in love for '80s nostalgia. But I just read a fun Q&A with the Go-Go's in which I learned the band appears on the series alongside Soft Cell and Corey Hart performing at Doritos Music Fest '86 "in an alternate dimension called the Upside Down." Although most of the gals weren't speaking to one another much less playing together in 1986 -- talk about science fiction! -- I may need to tune in. 

I haven't found a clip yet but the photos show they captured their early '80s look(s) perfectly. In the meantime, I also learned that "Get Up and Go" -- which was the poor man's "We Got the Beat" -- appeared on an early season, so here is your proxy song of the day until I can find a replacement!

Operator: 911, what's your emergency?
Me: I'd like to report an anachronism. 

 Watch an "ad" for Doritos Music Fest '86 below:

P.S. Soft Cell also had broken up by the time 1986 rolled around. 

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