Friday, May 20, 2022

Let's Talk About 'Sex(planation)'


If you're anything like me, sex education didn't go so well. First, one of our neighbors at Willow Hill in Madison Heights, Karen Muethel -- married with three children -- took it upon herself to give me a talk about the "birds and bees" when I was 7. Unsure how to react to my newfound knowledge, my horrified parents -- who like most weren't capable of having the talk themselves but suddenly felt pushed into a corner -- handed me a hastily acquired picture book about sex as they left for the supermarket one Saturday afternoon, announcing: "Read this. If you have any questions, you can ask them when we get home." 

I took a one look and did not like what I saw, so never mentioned it again -- going so far as to "lose" the permission slip for the sex education presentation at Hiller Elementary a couple years later rather than go through the humiliation of asking for my mother's signature. (I faked sick the day of the actual event, so I still don't know what a vulva is.) 

Some 40 years later, my family was visiting our old neighborhood near Detroit and my stepfather wistfully blurted out as he was driving the rental car: 
"I wonder if Kenny is the way he is because of what Karen Muethel did," referring to the unsolicited biology lesson. 
My mother, brother, sister-in-law and Damian thought it over but couldn't reach a consensus. (You may recall I went as Karen for Halloween when I was 8, although I'm not sure it there's any correlation.)

So it seems fitting that a fellow gay guy would finally make a documentary addressing this uncomfortable topic, which I have to think is more painful for anyone born into the closet given the heteronormative nature of the beast. 

The trailer for "Sexplanation" -- coming to TVOD June 7 -- looks cute, although my Sex Karen's absence does loom largely.  

Learn more HERE.

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barryearle said...

I saw this movie several years ago. It's terrific. And the host is adorable.