Friday, April 08, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Love Is the Drug' by Roxy Music


Although my first exposure to Roxy Music was probably the so-heavily-in-rotation-I-started-to-dread-it video for "More Than This," I've certainly come to love the influential art rockers over the years. As I debated buying tickets for what is very likely the band's last tour -- Bryan Ferry turns 77 this year -- I was surprised to learn that they had scored one U.S. Top 40 hit -- I'd have thought none -- but it wasn't what I guessed it would be. Rather than the exhilarating "Dance Away" the heartrending "Over You" or the aforementioned MTV hit, the band's biggest single here in the states was the groovy "Love Is the Drug," which hit No. 30 back in 1976. 

P.S. Like many gay boys, I probably knew Grace Jones's cover first!

Anyone going?

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