Monday, September 28, 2020

Song of the Day: 'More Than This' by Blondie


I never thought much of Blondie's cover of "More Than This," the first single from Roxy Music's classic 1982 album, "Avalon." But when this old photo of Debbie Harry and Chris Stein with Bryan Ferry popped upon Facebook -- notice how Chris is always doing all the talking -- I decided to revisit it. Don't even recall what it was recorded for -- a promo for a tour with the New Cars or something? -- but I do have a new-found appreciation for Debbie's phrasing, which allows both for her limited (with age) vocal range and for her to put her own mark on the song, which Fake 10,000 Maniacs had already been gender-flipped into the Top 40 in 1997.

Click HERE to hear Blondie's demo, maybe?

Would you believe that I used to groan when this would come on MTV back in 1982 because they played it CONSTANTLY?!!!

Mary Ramsey leading 10,000 Maniacs

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Rix said...

it was in high rotation on 91X out of TJ too

don't remember hearing either of the other two. But the drum machine on the 10k M track is nearly as annoying as overplaying and song.