Monday, April 11, 2022

David Mixner: Democrats Need a Roosevelt Project to Fill the Leadership Void

"Clearly the prominent Democratic groups located in D.C. are not living up to the challenge we have for this coming election. It is time for the Roosevelt Project similar to the Lincoln Project that was so effective in the last election," says David Mixner.

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das buut said...

Lincoln Project? A group of pedophiles/pedophile enablers are not who anyone should be referencing, let alone our community.

And did he not read the Florida bill? It is not "don't say gay" at all. Read it, learn it, face them in court on the actual issues. I am tired of the bullshit from my own community.

I agree, the LGBT community need leaders, not so-called allied leaders or hollywood assholes, real leaders. But it won't come from this generation of Democrats and it certainly won't come from the Republicans. Both parties are just awful shit. I used to be a Democrat, but until they purge the party of its current congress and leaders, I am not coming back.