Thursday, March 10, 2022

Song of the Day: 'It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)' by Well Hung Heart & GayC/DC


GayC/DC -- a campy spin on the legendary Aussie rockers -- is kicking off a West Coast tour this Saturday in Tarzana, Calif. Read all about it HERE.

From a news release: 

“Pay attention, because the lyrics may be different. Just a heads-up,” laughs Brian Welch, drummer of  LA-based GAYC/DC who pay homage to Aussie band of the similarly sounding name.  Audibly, the music of GayC/DC “are as loud as AC/DC” (as metal blogger Hardrock Chick attests), but if you don’t listen close enough, you might mistake their hard rock bangers such as “Dirty Dudes (Done Dirt Cheap)” for faithfully-executed covers of the original classics by their heroes AC/DC.  Glitter-hugged and boa-frocked, GayC/DC have “taken the songs of perhaps the globe's most heterosexual band, and turned them into something altogether more fabulous.” (Classic Rock Magazine).  “We’re a hybrid of both a cover AND a tribute,” he explains. “We don’t look like them... we never wanted to. We don’t want to be like all the others. We wanted to be the band in an alternate LGBTQ universe.” 

Making a thunderous clap in the metal world for their authentic but queer retelling of AC/DC’s music while putting their own twirl on it, GayC/DC have been itching to get back on the road since the start of the pandemic to entertain live rock audiences regardless where they fall on the Kinsey Scale.  “When we put this band together, we envisioned playing a few shows for our friends here and there, maybe at [gay club] The Eagle LA or someone’s house. Maybe even a San Francisco show,” says Welch. “But then we were blown away by the reception we got at our first show. And that’s when we really started to see the potential reach of this band. We knew we could make a splash, and maybe some young LGBTQ kid would see us and be inspired to strike out on their own and start their own queer band too. The more, the merrier, right?” 

Kicking off this weekend in Tarzana, Calif., at Maui Sugar Mill on March 12th, GayC/DC will be circling the West Coast with more dates to be announced. “We aim to give the audience the very best stage show we can deliver, so you can bet the music is going to be spot on and razor-sharp, and the props and costume changes will keep you in stitches,” promises lead vocalist Chris Freeman (also bassist for punk legends Pansy Division). “While we are dead serious about getting the music right, we bring humor to the rest of the show, and we hope to leave you laughing and smiling.”

There’s no denying that hard rock and metal have been due for an LGBTQ makeover even if the potential had been there from the start. “I always thought those ‘80s hair bands looked a lot like drag queens,” laughs Freeman. “I believe it began with long hair in the ‘60s, when straight men started to let their feminine side out, but didn’t quite know what looked good. As the guys in bands added makeup, they often looked clownish instead of edgy, and dressed over the top, unintentionally rivaling Divine! In fact, I’m sure Divine was an influence. At least she was for the gay and punk communities!” 

Founded by Freeman and Welch, the idea for GayC/DC came from bouncing around names for more tribute bands with gay members after they’d been playing with the Gay Gay’s, a gay tribute to the Go-Go’s. After the Gay Gay’s went on hiatus, they moved forward with forming a band that could be as good as AC/DC. Rounding out the band alongside Freeman and Welch, bassist Glen Pavan, lead guitarist Steve McKnight and new addition Clint Yeager on rhythm guitar, add their stamp into the fun which has been going on strong for nearly a decade. 

“When you trace it all back to those rock n’ roll pioneers who were making waves on stage and off - Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, etc., they were forging their own paths and being a thorn in the side of society,” says Welch. “Of course those of us who knew we were different could relate to being the misfits, the weirdos. But we saw ourselves up on those stages, and that gave some of us of the courage to break down that closet door and be who we wanted to be. That courage was also found at Stonewall. Those clothes, costumes and outfits gave us the strength to stand up for ourselves. So whether it was David Bowie, The Village People, or Rob Halford, we could all identify with the look and the power of that look. The “hair metal” scene was simply a hetero-extension of glam rock. But c’mon. How hetero was it really?” 

GayC/DC’s most recent release was a cover of AC/DC’s "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll),” a collaboration with LA-based band Well Hung Heart last Fall.  New music coming shortly!

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