Friday, February 11, 2022

Caption Me


Photo of Henry Rollins as seen on the Facebook page of a former colleague, who writes:
Internet Randoms II: That's Henry Rollins hamming it up while working at a D.C.-area Haagen-Dazs in late 1980-early 1981. Rollins was an assistant manager, which helped finance the EP of State of Alert, the band he was in at the time. Shortly after this photo, he was asked to fill in on lead vocals for California punk band Black Flag, became their lead singer the next day, and the rest is history. My dad and stepmother lived in D.C. at the time and were good friends with Rollins's mother (Iris) and stepfather (Les). I never met Henry, but I did meet his mom numerous times, lol.

"Internet Randoms I" wasn't available at press time.  

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Tom said...

I met him in Ann Arbor back in the day at Border's Books on Liberty. The line was out the door and I had a stack of autograph requests from my students ( I taught high school art ). They were limiting autographs to one per person, but when I got to him, I asked if he would sign them all and the store handler said no, only one. Henry said, "FUCK THAT!" and signed them all. He was really intrigued with me being a teacher and wanted to know all about it. I was blown away. One of the students, a junior girl wrote "Fuck me Henry!" on the card that she submitted to get signed. I didn't notice it until I went through them. He cracked up but declined to sign that. Years later, I told said student that she had great taste. He's the GOAT. Just sayin.