Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Give Me Back My Man' by New Collisions

With so many classics in their repertoire, it's hard to pick a favorite song by the B-52s, But if I were forced, it would probably be "Give Me Back My Man," which was the second single off the band's sophomore LP, "Wild Planet." Like Blondie, I always thought the B-52s were one of those rare bands whose second album was actually superior to their first -- taking everything that worked off the quirky debut and then refining it to a higher level. (I'm also partial to most of "Mesopotamia" and the more somber songs on "Bouncing Off the Satellites.") Today's pick is a great cover my guy surprised me with the other night by New Collisions, a(n apparently) short-lived new wave band from Cambridge, Mass., that put out an EP and one LP in the early 2010s. Enjoy!

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