Thursday, November 01, 2007

(Halloween) Party Gone Out of Bounds

Keith Strictland and Cindy Wilson
Cindy, Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson
My friend Leah invited me to The B-52's Halloween show last night at Roseland Ballroom. I would have loved to have gone but had to work. I saw them once in high school -- back in 1983 on the "Whammy" tour -- and once in college -- in '89 during their huge "Cosmic Thing" period, when they were suddenly on top of the world -- and never since. From the looks of these photos they appear to be in fine form. It's so great to see Cindy Wilson back in the fold (how sad was it when they did "Good Stuff" without her?). Would love to hear how the show was from anyone who went ... (WireImage)

If you forget just how pivotal Cindy was to the band, watch her take the lead on "Give Me Back My Man," my favorite song off of "Wild Planet," featuring the classic verse, "Walking out of Korvettes/package in her hand/Motions to all the seabirds, throws divinity on the sand."!!! (Notice Cindy's brother Ricky Wilson on guitar, who died of AIDS on Oct. 12, 1985, at Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital in Manhattan.)


Mark said...

That is the hottest video EVER! The B-52's are nothing without Cindy. I'm so glad she's back! She looks like a cross between Laverne AND Shirley in that clip! HOT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog tonight. It's added to my favorites list!

I love the B-52's. I never saw them until after Cindy came back in the late 90's (have seen them 3 times) and she is amazing. Another of my Cindy faves is Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland.