Monday, January 17, 2022

Postcard From Arizona

My first week in Arizona saw my stepfather (Gary) finally getting moved from the hospital to rehab, where he is working hard to regain his strength after having a tumor removed from his spine. (He'd actually gotten to rehab a week before I arrived but had to be readmitted to the hospital when they became concerned that his wound had become infected, which turned out not to be the case. Another lost week was not ideal, but it beats the risk of something far worse.) Once he is able, he will come home and then begin radiation and chemotherapy to treat his cancer (multiple myeloma). It's been fairly low-key helping out my mom in his absence -- keeping her company (lots of "Match Game '75"!), driving her to appointments and to visit Gary, making meals and just generally helping her get around. Here's hoping that Gary continues to improve so he can get discharged and then I will stay here until I am sure they are in a position to take care of themselves -- with some additional assistance from home health aides -- before returning to the (212). xo


Lee4rdg said...

Take care of YOU as well - caregivers often give so much of themselves that they end up sick. Hearts and prayers.

JimmyD said...

Glad to hear that things seem to be settling down a bit.
This can’t be easy on any of you.
Get some Self Care Time for yourself.
Hugs from the frozen (212).