Monday, December 06, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Losing My Mind' by Eleri Ward

My "bad gay" moniker was never more prominently on display than when Stephen Sondheim died last week. As my friends were all in mourning, I was hard-pressed to think of a single song he'd written, having recently learned that "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" wasn't from "West Side Story," a play I've never seen any incarnation of. But with a little prodding from my friend Christopher -- who pointed me to the YouTube channel of Eleri Ward, through whom he said was "doing my Sondheim grieving through this girl's covers. She's got quite a yodel" -- I was reminded that several of my favorite artists had covered the Broadway legend's songs, many of which I do indeed adore. Eleri's take on my favorite, "Not a Day Goes By," was a bit shrill for me. But I'm a fan of her folksy "Losing My Mind," today's Song of the Day.

Hear 'em all HERE.

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I'm surprised this didn't immediately come to mind: