Monday, December 06, 2021

'HipBeat,' Described as 'Easy Rider' With Dresses Instead of Motorcycles, Available Dec. 23

I don't have anything clever to say about the trailer for this film about a young man "searching for his identity ... going on a journey from anarchy to embracing love in the Berlin LGBTQ+ community" other than the fact that it heartens me to believe that people actually do go out to clubs, something I spent a huge portion of my youth doing and believed in the post-smartphone world had all but ceased.


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JimmyD said...

Maybe you don't have anything clever to say because this looks very close to your own story?
I couldn't help but notice your Berlin years are absent from, 'Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful.'
A book, by the way, that would be the perfect gift for so many of your readers!