Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Vax Appeal

The good news is everyone over 18 is now eligible for a Covid booster shot. The bad news is pharmacies are merging right and left -- and CVS is slated to close 900 stores over the next three years -- so having to deal with these duopolies is getting more difficult each day. Local NYC chain Duane Reade, which was bought out by Walgreens, inexplicably refused to give me the booster shot I had booked because they erroneously believed I also had an appointment at another location. (I didn't make an appointment at another location, but even if I had, I was later told by two other employees there was no reason this couldn’t be straightened out by the staff in two seconds.) That I hadn't had the booster was of no interest to them, they simply refused to assist me, despite the eventual scene I caused that saw me getting high-fived by strangers in the waiting area who could not believe how badly I was being treated. Alas, I will try again when I return from Thanksgiving with the family ... in the Ozarks (of all places)!, where I likely need it most.

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