Monday, October 18, 2021

Famed Chelsea Diner The Dish to Close


It's with a heavy heart that I add the final nail in the coffin to my post about the death of Chelsea's 8th Avenue, with news that The Dish just announced that it will be closing after nearly 25 years. The delightfully gay diner -- where everyone went for a cruisy hungover breakfast the day after a night at G, Splash or the Roxy -- opened the same year I arrived in the gayborhood. Sad but almost fitting that we both left the 'hood the same year. Read the touching letter from the staff below. 😦😦😦

From my friend Taffy:
FUCK - just read your blog entry about The Dish closing. I ate their so many times, and my favorite memory from there is one Sunday “morning” (probably noon-ish) I was with a friend eating French toast or whatever, and at another booth was Debbie Harry (wearing what kind of looked like a housecoat!) with a younger guy friend. She had a cup of coffee and a half a grapefruit. I was so excited/freaked out at seeing my idol in such a casual setting I couldn’t relax til she’d gone. No, we didn’t intrude on her meal, just silently hyperventilated. God, how I loved Chelsea.


SlippedClutch said...

That's so sad! It opened a few months after I moved to my first apartment in NYC right across the street. Going to miss that Romanian Steak Caesar salad.

slahey said...

Would Chelsea Square diner on W23rd be a decent substitute and where some of Dish's business has gone ?

I kind of knew they were in trouble last summer. Slow business during lunch, vandal smashed front window not repaired for months, 2d floor AC out of order.

High Line diner on 9th Avenue also perished in early stages of Covid.