Thursday, September 16, 2021

New Vet, Who Dis?

The good news is we found a cats-only veterinarian within walking distance of our new apartment. (Upon arrival, Damian, Harvey and I were greeted by two fluffy white kitties -- one of whom we were told is a "diva" named Ginger.) The news we're waiting on is some blood work for our baby, who has been throwing up a bit more than a typical cat might and has lost a little over 2 pounds since March. We're hoping his new home is to blame for the weight loss -- he loves to go crazy running around in the bigger digs, something he couldn't really do in our previous place -- but we want to be sure it's not something more serious. (I'd also be fine with his being bulimic.) The vet didn't see or feel anything unusual, so once we get the blood results he will get an ultrasound on his fluffy white belly, which I know he will not appreciate! 😻🙏😻


j said...

I hope the kitty feels better

1928 Wed Way said...

How old is he, sounds like hyper thyroid. Hope he feels better soon!

Blobby said...

OMG, the eye chart is everything. Her's hoping Harvey is feeling better.