Monday, July 19, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Men's tennis is looking really bad today 

Things were never the same 

Tragic beauty 

He doesn't know what "fake news" means, but he's Irish and cute so still fun to watch with the sound off!  

It would be rude not to look your best  

I'm still basking in their afterglow!  

The “Original 9" women’s tennis players pose with dollar bills Sept. 23, 1970, at the Houston Racquet Club. Standing, from left: Valerie Ziegenfuss, Billie Jean King, Nancy Richey, Peaches Bartkowicz. Sitting: Judy Dalton, Kerry Melville, Rosie Casals, promoter Gladys Heldman and Kristy Pigeon. (Houston Post Collection / Houston Metropolitan Research Center / Houston Public Library )


joepelpro said...

Interesting how all these guys in the butchest sports football, rugby, hockey come out first- I'm still waiting for a baseball player

j said...

The cute Irish gymnast bed jumper had Sean Cody potential

Blobby said...

I've used the line about Schaefer's killer forever: Son of my Sister Sam