Thursday, July 15, 2021

Retro Ad Watch


While digging up the goods on Bruce Boxleitner's Speedo-clad appearance on "Battle of the Network Stars," I was reminded that the ridiculously handsome actor had also once been the face of Lauder for Men. (You can tell how good he smells just by looking at these ads!) A few more BELOW.

Bruce at an Estee Lauder event at Bullocks Wilshire department store in Los Angeles circa 1989

From HERE.

How's this for tabloid fodder? Turns out Boxleitner's first marriage (1977–87) was to Kathryn Holcomb, who co-starred with him on "How the West Was Won" as his on-screen sister Laura. The "incestuous" pair had two sons together: Sam (born 1980) and Lee (born 1985) -- escandalo! 


j said...

I wonder if the sons go dad's handsome genes

MostFun said...

love the picture of Bruce & Paulina - would love to see them recreate it for a new ad campaign!