Friday, July 02, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (07/02)


Hot Cat of the Day: My friend's unofficial pet, who is well-fed but still prefers to hang out under his car!


ThePolarBeast said...

The article on Carl Nassib is a judgy piece of twaddle. 🤮

j said...

Gay culture has become so nasty -not surprise that guy is attacking the gay football player- and by the way who gets to decide what is gay or not- should we not welcome EVERYONE to the tribe- not just the ones approved by the current cultural narrative?

Edgar_Carpenter said...

As a gay man who's been open and involved with the gay community, socially and politically, since 1970, I just want to say that John Russell is an ignorant uppity snot, and yes, Carl Nassib is gay.

There is no gay card that needs to be punched when you mark gay milestones, there is no secret cabal who judges us on our gayness, there is no application to fill out and send to the Gay Authorities to get a Gay license.

When we come out as gay, we are gay. Russell is a gay asshole. And not the good kind.