Friday, July 30, 2021

My Abusive Relationship With Giacomo


Because no complaint is too minute to share on the internet, please allow me to vent. I'm starting to wonder if some small businesses -- the owners of whom we have been raised to worship -- fail for a reason. 

Latest case in point: When we moved to the Upper West Side in May we went out of our way to seek out the mom-and-pop shops in our area. One place in particular stood out -- Giacomo Fine Foods -- because it not only looked like it could be our new coffee joint, it also had an incredible-looking menu of takeout sandwiches. 

I work second shift so normally take my "lunch" at 5 p..m. Two weeks ago I went to Giacomo's at about 5 o'clock and though the door was open, the guy (I presume to be the owner or at least manager) barked: "We closed at 5." 

Thrown off, I said, "Oh, it says you're open until 6 online." 

"That's OLD," he scoffed, because it's my fault that his Google listing is outdated.

Today I decided to try again, so I went over there at 4:30. Again, the door was open -- they're open till 5, according to Mr. Friendly -- only this time the cashier cut me off mid-order to tell me "the sandwich station is closed." 

"Is this something new?" I asked, knowing Damian had successfully gotten sandwiches from there last week at the same time. (They were really good, which is why I was back.) 

"No," she replied, shifting her body as if I had tried to steal something out of her purse. "We'll be open again tomorrow." (Mr. Friendly looked up from behind the station in back of her, scowling again.)

No apology. No "we're sorry, we clean up early on Friday." No explanation of any kind. Instead, both times they made me feel like I had done something wrong by trying to patronize the business. 

Stunned again, I ended up in a Rite Aid to buy some odds and ends and there was a Starbucks next door. Inside I bought a sandwich and chips. The employees were also rude to me, but at least I was able to fill my stomach and get back to work.


I'm not a fan of online reviews but I took a peek and apparently this is his brand of homespun charm!


Because I always have to do everything myself, I just got Giacomo's hours fixed on Google Maps. (Was that so fucking hard?)


Unknown said...

Everyone is so damn rude these days. The mom and pop shops get away with it because they don't answer to any boss.

j said...

Oh they sound too snooty for me- go somewhere else!

wcs said...

Sound's like the Soup Nazi found a new venue.