Friday, June 04, 2021

Tweet Nothings

My limited experience with people who self-identify as queer has been that they are most often well-intentioned heteros who (now that it’s safer) feel left out and want to be part of the “cool crowd” without ever having had to suffer the price of being an actual gay person. (Not really a big fan.) Above all, I don't see how gayness transcending sexuality and becoming a political party is helping anyone. A friend and former leader of a gay-rights organization calls it "the ultimate virtue signaling. But it’s not virtue." Might be time to reclaim the LGBT mantra and let allies just be allies.

UPDATE: Someone is telling me that she is "bisexual," which the last time I looked was one of the letters in LGBTQ. Why even have it if people who are bisexual aren't going to use it?

90 candles

Sign me up 

Mama Mia! 

This didn't age well 

Thiem can't win and a match and now he doesn't even have the best ass on tour

Bachelor No. 2 (Richardo) for me, please 

Kinky, but Jannik is no Matt Lattanzi ... 

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beegenyc said...

I’ll take #1, you want #2, is Damien into #3?