Thursday, June 17, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Supreme Court upholds Obamacare ... for the third time 


Someone really wants to be as far away as possible from that SATC revamp 

Couldn't have written this better myself 

Time for a calendar shoot 

My heart goes out to Edie McClurg.  

Someone's getting ready for the U.S. Open 

Leave it to Gen Z to make millennials look on the ball! 

Supreme Court unanimously backs Catholic agency in case on gay rights and foster care. Still, the ACLU says it was a "narrow fact-specific ruling" that "does not create a license to discriminate based on religious beliefs"

Forgive me, but I'm far more interested in knowing if he greets her in a bikini ... or one of his famous thongs.


Anonymous said...

Brooks: all day/every day.
Firemen: My dream "job"

j said...

Firemen are always hot... Brook should just be naked