Monday, June 14, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Happy birthday, Queen! What Gรผnter Parche didn't take into account when he stabbed Monica Seles is that he would forever taint Steffi Graf's legacy, one that many now seem to forget includes wining a Golden Grand Slam and three of the four majors the very next year -- unmatched feats that had nothing to do with his sickening crime. Also worth noting: Graf captured 22 majors in 16 years. (Margaret Court got her 24 in 16 as well.) Serena Williams has thus far won 23, competing seven years (and counnting) longer than her recordbook rivals. 

Yikes, Charlotte 

Karatsev has better cushioning than most! 

Wishing her well. xo 

His space alien persona and theatrical rock music drew comparisons to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character. But American audiences seemed unwilling to accept his sexuality. 

I was never a beach person so this is all very fascinating to me 

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Toxic masculinity is yearround 




James at 60 needs your help / Read HERE.

"Everyone this is Lance. As I read this I'm not really sure [any] funds will be raised...but I can't help but think how blessed I am to have made some friends early in life-some of which became fans and watched my shows-but most of which I can still call friends. It's been a terrible year of loss for the Kerwin family. Super hard on the kids. I broke my back last year and am just now getting about, out of walker... other aspects of my health are not good . I am committed to raising these kids in a Godly, kind, hope inspiring home and expose them while I have time the best that I can. I thank God and their mom for the four most awesome kids on earth!!!! They have their mom's spark, her beauty and sense of humor.. really, they don't have much from me...I'm gonna do my best to give them the best of me..." Lance Kerwin

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j said...

Life is not easy I hope Lance Kerwin recovers his health