Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Song of the Day: 'The Last Time I Saw Richard' by Joni Mitchell

I was a little late to the Joni Mitchell Worship Club -- I remember her being Will and Grace's "Debbie Harry" and wondering where I went wrong -- but I definitely got there in the end ... which makes the Gray Lady's interview with 25 musicians about Mitchell's seminal "Blue" album -- released 50 years ago this week -- a most fascinating read. Bonus points for including other KIT212 favorites including Rosanne Cash, James Taylor, Graham Nash, Stephen Sills, David Crosy and Judy Collins, who I'm going to see tonight at the all-new City Winery.

Favorite moment:

ROSANNE CASH “The last time I saw Richard” -- that line, to open a song! Like, what? OK, tell me what happened. That’s not a line that begins a pop song.

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John Mundy said...

I’m always surprised that her music doesn’t resonate with more folks in the LGBTQ community. She is/was the most gifted lyricist of the past two generations. Nobody captured the longing for love the way she did.