Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Freedom Power!' by Lorde and George Michael

When Jake Fogelnest said he had a message for Lorde from Andrew Ridgeley, he asked that his followers please not shoot the messenger: ⁣  
“If Lorde and that geek with the glasses want to lift from the 1984 version of ‘Freedom’ I will knock their damn teeth in. I don’t give a damn, I’m Andrew Ridgeley and I enjoy PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. It’s actually kind of sexual for me.”⁣
After spending a few hours minutes trying to figure out what the hell any of this meant -- Lorde is a singer and her new album's producer, Jack Antonoff, is a glasses-wearing geek -- I dug up this video mashing her new single with the Wham! classic and had to ask myself: Is Jake Fogelnest’s sense of humor even more twisted than I was aware of, or was being in a group with this kind of toxic masculinity part of the reason why George Michael was such a self-loathing mess? (OK, it’s gotta be the former, right?!)

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