Monday, April 26, 2021

Separated at Birth: Terri Alden and Jerri Blank?

Damian and I recently (and sort of inadvertently) starting watching "Three's Company." There's no substitute for the Chrissy years, but we found that the Cindy era held up quite well. (Her klutz routine wasn't quite as one-note as I remembered and Jenilee Harrison's comic timing is quite impressive for a newcomer.) Last night, however, Priscilla Barnes showed up and we made a horrifying discovery that once you see it, it cannot be erased.


= Terri Blank

 I know the show is remembered as having recovered nicely with the addition of Barnes -- filling Suzanne Somers's shoes was not easy -- but I've never cared for the Terri Alden character. Janet was already a pill, so it never made sense to add another one in a nurse's uniform. Between Terri's "sexy" baby voice (I don't tolerate baby voices), that horrific going-away party for Cindy when Jack and Larry try to send Terri packing (has there ever been a darker sitcom scene?), and the fact that she was elbowing out a far more likable character, I never got what people saw in her. Will be curious to see if she wins me over the second time around. 

P.S. Does anyone know the dirt on the time Suzanne Somers replaced Priscilla Barnes? Early in production of "She's the Sheriff," a two-page ad was placed in the Jan. 5, 1987, issue of Broadcasting & Cable magazine listing the show under the working title "Suddenly Sheriff" with Priscilla Barnes as the star. Wikipedia says "it is not known exactly when the show's name and casting were finalized," but the after-the-fact irony certainly wasn't lost on me.

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