Saturday, April 03, 2021

Saturday 'Stache: Martin Milner


The first time Damian watched "Adam 12" he took one look at Kent McCord (as Officer Jim Reed) and turned to me and said, "I didn't know they showed pornography during the day on regular TV." I mean, it's not like Martin Milner (as Officer Pete Malloy) wasn't handsome -- we likened him to Ryan Harrison in 10 years. It's just that McCord -- who still looked like a million hot bucks in "Airplane 2" -- reeked of sex in every scene. 

But then this week we saw what can only be described as a "very special episode" -- "Van Nuys Division: Jim's Mustache" -- and we sure were singing a different tune. It didn't go unnoticed that the entire precinct was abuzz when Officer Malloy returned from vacation with a new look -- and that all that "ribbing" was clearly just a feeble attempt at covering up the boys' obvious flirting. 

"How much for a ride on that thing?"

BTW: Martin Milner died in 2015 at 83. Kent McCord is still with us at 78.

Kent McCord as Unger in "Airplane 2." 


joepelpro said...

Reed and Malloy are a classic tv bromance - these days they would have ended up in bed

Jack said...

Adam-12 started my cop fetish as a youngin!

AB said...

I used to get my first boners to Kent Mccord.