Friday, April 02, 2021

Remains of the Day (04/02)

M King: Canceling people’s voting rights is the true cancel culture. The AllStar Game is moving culture. 

Norman Brannon: The Pyramid was the first (and only?) physical space where my queer and hardcore identities truly intersected in both a practical and historical way. I saw some incredible shows there during the day while knowing what happened there at night. RIP 

Children are naturally fearful of triglycerides 

Soon to be an Empty Nestor 

"The military is a problematic institution but Taiwan is an island with complicated mainland issues & well this photo gives me feelings!!!!" 

Kerry Eleveld: It's a matter of justice. Would also be a major boost to the economy to free up our youngest generation of bread winners to get out there, buy homes, have kids, etc. They deserve the American dream and helping them attain it will help the country. Not zero-sum, people. Win-win. 

Micah McCain: Lovers gaining weight. 

The last time they called me they pivoted to my "car warrant has expired" when I didn't take the Social Security bait! 

God bless him and his 60 years of SQUATS

Ashley Parker: “I used to hate salads because I thought they were boring healthy vegetables, but the Cheesecake Factory taught me that a salad could actually contain an entire crumbled hamburger and ranch and tortilla chips”  

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Bill Carter said...

There are very few politicians that I admire as much Elizabeth Warren, but canceling $50,000 of student loan debt is just wrong. Why should working-class taxpayers effectively subsidize doctors, lawyers, and the dilettantes who manage to turn undergraduate studies into seven-year vacations from life?

I support extending free public education from its present pre-school through high school coverage to community college and public university tuition. That's a logical and long-overdue modernization of America's traditional education philosophy, made necessary by the changes in society by the country's shift from a manufacturing to an information society. It would be an excellent use of the money that the $50,000 crowd wants as a reward for their gullibility and bad decisions.

And what's next? The arguments for educational loan forgiveness can also be applied to credit card debt. Should the taxpayers cover that, too?

Sorry, Millenials.