Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Remains of the Day (04/20)


Brian Ferrari: The Copy Editor job description begins "We're born to make mistakes. We need you to catch them." 

The most satisfying ’watch to the end’ ever

Lance Bass wants everyone to know he isn't very bright 

"With snippets of love, loss and struggle soothed by music, she has become one of American radio’s most popular -- and trusted -- voices." -- The Gray Lady

No one is less sympathetic of breeders than I am. But come on -- this seems a bit gratuitous. What CAN a parent do when a child has a meltdown? Not sure we need to publicly shame this woman.

Every gay boy of a certain age's youthful obsession 

Michael Musto: Also, the cop who died because he was bashed to death at the Insurrection actually died because his heart stopped. 

Now that's a Hollywood power(ful) couple! 

This "charming" man ... 

The opinion of a third-generation Irish-American carries no weight here. But it does seem the majority of people now realize it's time for Ireland to be whole again. 

ICYMI: Catching up with my first online crush! Read HERE.


Myk said...

re: Karen: "...your disgusting rules that are false and not true." Wha?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenneth, Re:screaming kid on plane. You are generous. Prior to covid I was on planes weekly and No. If the kids cannot handle long drives in a car, they cannot deal with long flights. The parents need to recognize and not torture their kids and us. Period.