Monday, April 19, 2021

Remains of the Day (04/19)

Biden and Obamas to star in Covid vaccination TV special 

Click HERE to get a peek of Jack's Playgirl spread from back in the day

Prosecution’s closing arguments urge jury to believe what it saw 

"A Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted in March found that Republicans had heard more about the Dr. Seuss issue than they had heard about the $1.9 trillion stimulus package." 

Eric Boehlert: This is such a joke how press takes this stuff seriously. GOP is out of power. Biden doesn’t need single GOP vote to pass his $2.3T infrastructure bill pushing “compromise,” GOP says if Biden throws away 70% of his bill they’ll support it! 

Exactly why I led my tennis roundup with THIS PHOTO

Garland warns of domestic terror at Oklahoma City bombing memorial 

Rose Minutaglio: "I got a really nice text from @HillaryClinton ... She loves the podcast... She’s very into emojis... [Her favorite is] probably the little smiley face with the heart eyes."  

Daley Haggar: Kyrsten Sinema is Tulsi Gabbard for people who used to steal 4 Non Blondes songs on Limewire  

Read Michael's comeback article HERE

He's at it ... again. Ben Rothenberg is calling this the "ATP Suspend a White Guy Challenge" ... what EXACTLY does the Frenchman need to do to have the book thrown at him???? 

Chris Stein (who is working on a memoir): I took Gere to We Buy Guitars on 48th Street so he could buy a Strat. I told my buddies at the store "This guy is gonna be a huge movie star" They didn't care. 

Proof that her "Baby Skeletons" is the funniest comedy album in ages HERE.

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