Friday, April 16, 2021

Remains of the Day (04/16)

Your free smile of the day 

YouTube Music. Everything the other two have plus when you watch music videos on regular YouTube, you don't have to watch ads. 

And that POOL BOY was worth every penny 

8 people killed in shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility; shooter also dead 

Jeremy Baratheon: Ohhh you wanna be bivaxual? 

Texas House approves bill that would allow people to carry a gun without a license 

Yep, he's that vile

Was certainly highly rated in my house! 

UsedWigs: Just sent a work email to a new person and signed my name as Jefff. πŸ‘πŸΌ 

Nearly 200 department stores have shuttered in the past year, and another 800 -- roughly half the country’s remaining mall-based locations -- are expected to fold within five years. 

Brenda from "Six Feet Under" had Nate and this?!!! 

Mark Twain and Bob Dylan slept at the Chelsea. Now, developers hope to lure tourists, but they have to soothe some frustrated tenants.

I recently got a view of the Chelsea Hotel I had never seen before! 


Myk said...

Thank you for the ducklings video. It really did make me laugh.

j said...

You look handsome with the mask on