Monday, April 05, 2021

Remains of the Day (04/05)

Your free smile of the day! 

Senator from welfare state voices objections  


Kudos for not being 100% horrible, but the religious exemptions are total bullshit. Speaking of overreach, though: We probably could have avoided these baldly culture-war-driven trans bills altogether if well-meaning progressives had just worked with the Women's Sports Policy Working Group to iron out some of the details about trans girls competing in high-school sports where scholarships are on the line, etc.

Clark Griswold for the 21st century 

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Nothing says "fancy restaurant" quite like a choice between a diet fountain drink and "classy" tap water.

Might be time to start watching "Jeopardy!" again. But filling Alex Trebek's shoes, I'm surprised Aaron Rodgers didn't bring back HIS SEXY 'STACHE!

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Blobby said...

OMG on Aaron. Someone light a fire under him. D-U-L-L. There is no life to his hosting. None.