Friday, April 16, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (04/16)

Robert Reich: 'Court packing: Since 1969, Democratic presidents have appointed 4 Supreme Court justices, Republicans have appointed 16 (5 of them by presidents who lost the popular vote). McConnell refused to even hold a hearing on Obama's nominee.'


Myk said...

Maybe all sports need classes, or divisions, like wrestling? I sure would have liked to see a short guys basketball league. I was pretty good until the summer after seventh grade. When eighth grade started up all I saw were armpits and nipples. I had a certain appreciation for that (a sure sign!), but did not at all like being towered over. My jump shots were the other guys' regular shots. Just. Not. Fair.

Ari R. said...

The non-binary.... I can't take it. I miss "gay" and "lesbian" and movie theatres. Calgon take me away!