Friday, March 05, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Baby's Arm' by Belly


Between the return of the original cast of "The Real World" and a flurry of activity from Belly, it was a regular '90s fest this week. Last night I watched the surprisingly emotional "homecoming" of Heather, Kevin Eric, Julie, Norm, Beth and Andre -- the first episode is available on YouTube, but I won't be subscribing to Paramount+ to see more because it's clear everyone is cool and woke yet they're going to force conflict that I have no desire to see. And earlier in the week Tanya Donelly joined Tim's Listening Party for a song-by-song celebration of Belly's "Star" -- she apologized for having misspelled "Geppetto" all those years ago! -- and then agreed to a followup for the even better followup, "King" on April 17

She also shared THIS beautifully written post about the artwork/design collaborations of Chris Bigg and Chris Gorman for all those classic Belly singles, including the one for "Now They'll Sleep," which featured today's euphoric SOTD as its b-side.

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