Monday, March 22, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/22)

Deacon Blues: The Atlanta murderer bought a gun on a "bad day" and killed 8 people. Perhaps if he had to wait a day to buy his gun he might have had a good day. 

Progressive groups launch $30 million effort to push voting rights legislation 

Nicholas Bradford weighs in! 

Guess who is eligible for his first vaccine tomorrow in New York???? 

Sadly, I also feel this more often than I'd like to when it comes to the medical profession  

Talia Levin: i think it's bc you know they'd impeccably clean up a murder 

Markos Moulitsas: Uh oh, wait until someone tells them about the American Revolution. 

His m.o. was to sketch his victims in a club, then take them home, ostensibly for sex. Instead, he stabbed them to death. 

A white nationalist extremist bombed an LGBTQ nightclub in Atlanta in 1997. Twenty-three years later, the building next door was targeted. 

How to get vaccines to people who aren’t going out of Their Way To Get Them 


Room Rater: Coming in hot with the exotic flower/plant arrangement. 10/10 @jacobsoboroff for best laundry room and reporting on the border.

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