Friday, March 12, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/12)

Free smile of the day ... Chrissie's so teeny!  

Keith Boykin: In 2019, Minneapolis agreed to pay $20 million to the family of Justine Damond, an unarmed woman who was shot by a police officer. Now they’ve reached a $27 million settlement with George Floyd’s family. How many more settlements before we admit we have a policing problem? 

Sage advice 

If you'd have told me about this in 1981 as Billie Jean and Martina were being outed, I wouldn't have believed you ... 

Yet I'm still strategizing how I will pretend I never was to continue getting out of doing anything 

VP Harris: Empathy is trademark to Biden presidency 

ICYMI: Although the Wilson Phillips singer has become a full-blown Jesus freak, she's still maintained her sense of humor and is full of fun family gossip

Excellent piece about the proliferation of "investigative" podcasts and TV shows that set out to only tell one side of the story and why viewers are lapping them up. I remember being riveted by "Making a Murderer" and convinced Steven Avery was innocent -- until I found out the producers had completely omitted all inculpatory evidence, including that Avery had *67 called his victim, Teresa Halbach, on the day of the murder. Conversely, I was quite familiar with the Adnan Masud Syed case when everyone started talking about "Serial." I never listened to it, but now that I know how these producers operate, I can surmise why the public suddenly believed he was innocent when it was clear to everyone who had all the evidence he was anything but. 


David Hobson said...

WTA- celebrating diversity is great- SO Sad that still not one ATP player has come out during their career.... So- from reading Demi Schuurs post- she talks about wearing men's clothing. Is Demi trans- FTM? If so, shouldn't Demi be playing on the ATP tour? MTF trans are allowed on the WTA's hard to follow things these days!

David Hobson said...

As for BJK and Martina being outed- at least Martina handled it well- she said, 'Yes- I AM!' while Billie lied and hid for years....and yet- because they made a big Hollywood movie about her, BJK has won multiple LGBT awards, many that Martina has never been given (I asked her if she had won that GLAAD Vito Russo award, she said no, via twitter... yet- Ricky Martin and Anderson Cooper have won it after years of lying!)