Friday, March 05, 2021

Panic in the Streets of Denver

We weren't happy when the Go-Go's broke up two years earlier, but you didn't see us pulling something this crazy, which is inspired by true events
In the summer of 1987, four friends, reeling from the sudden break-up of the iconic British band The Smiths, embark on a night out of partying to mourn their musical loss. At the same time, an impassioned Smiths fan takes a local radio DJ hostage at gunpoint and forces him to play nothing but Smiths tracks. With the radio station playing as the soundtrack to their night, the friends go on a wild journey of self-discovery that will transform them forever. Featuring an incredible soundtrack -- including 20 songs from The Smiths -- "Shoplifters of the World" is a glorious ode to the craziness of the ‘80s and the power of music to change people’s lives.
Although I was a fan and saw the Smiths perform the year before they broke up, I'm mainly in it to see Thomas Lennon as Uncle Dick ...

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