Monday, March 15, 2021

Mug Shot Monday


Would you like a side of MURDER with that domestic-abuse charge?

I'm fine with this person being permanently locked up.

The Daily News reports:
An attempt to intervene during a “domestic disturbance” turned deadly last week when a man was shot in Oklahoma, according to authorities. 

Tulsa Police say 22-year-old Lorenzo “Enzo” Alvarado died after being shot in his car on March 3 after he and a woman showed up at an apartment complex to take another woman away from her boyfriend, whom officials identified as the alleged shooter.

Police identified the suspect as Luis Ornelas, who was arrested after fleeing the scene. 

“Alvarado and another female arrived to take Ornelas’s girlfriend from the scene when the shooting happened,” Tulsa Police said.

Ornelas, 20, was charged with first-degree murder, as well as shooting with intent to kill, police said. He is also charged with domestic assault and battery. 

Alvarado died at a hospital after officials found him injured in his car. An arrest report accuses Ornelas of using a “laser-sighted AR-15 rifle” to shoot toward Alvarado’s vehicle, according to the Tulsa World newspaper. 

Ornelas had believed that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was in the car when he shot toward it, and had intended “only to scare” the people in vehicle, he reportedly told police.

The family of Lorenzo “Enzo” Alvarado is asking for assistance with funeral expenses. If you're able to help, please click HERE.

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