Thursday, February 25, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/25)

Now Republicans are offended by mean tweets

Facebook apologies to Rep. Newman for flagging video of trans flag as hate speech ... as QAnon nut shits all over the Equality Act

Efforts to locate the parents of another 505 children remain ongoing, however, with lawyers and advocates saying they’ve been unable to locate parents for 322 children because they were likely deported 

'Decades in the making': How mainstream conservatives and right-wing media fueled the Capitol attack 

I sure hope she wasn't late for her Mensa meeting 

Andrew Kaczynski: My baby daughter died of brain cancer. Here’s what we can do to save other kids. 

That's Mx. Potato Head to you 

Of note to tennis fans: It was written UCLA MFA alum Elisabeth Seldes Annacone, wife of Paul Annacone!

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TCD said...

You probably posted your Remains of the Day prior to Equality Act voting, but while Adam Kinzinger is sometimes a voice of reason within the GOP, he still voted no today, even after his "supportive" tweet about Rep. Newman's transgender daughter.