Saturday, February 20, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/20)

Ted Cruz voted against Sandy relief for New York. New York Rep. AOC just raised $4 million for organizations in Texas. Stop saying the two parties are the same. 

How the Oklahoma City bombing case prepared Merrick Garland to take on domestic terrorism 

Con: Can never sit in a window seat again 

Pro: This guy's ass in blue shorts 

The second Covid-19 shot is a rude reawakening for immune cells -- but side effects are just a sign that protection is kicking in as it should

God I loved this show -- what fun interviews

When I was a little boy my mom had an aunt who couldn't stand "that bigot" Archie Bunker, and would fly off the handle if "All in the Family" came on TV.  No one thought of her as being noble or against racism -- mostly just a little dim.

So happy for Naomi Osaka -- just the third person in history to win his/her first four major finals -- who remains as awkwardly adorable as ever. 

I always say I want new faces to win, but probably only mean it when my guy's not in the final (chasing history). What do we think?

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