Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/10)

Donnie's own impeachment lawyer called him a 'f***king crook,' sued him p in run-up to 2020 presidential election, accusing him of making claims about fraud with 'no evidence' 

At long last, the Go-Go's receive a nod from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside an impressive list that includes Devo, the New York Dolls, Carole King, Todd Rundgren, Dionne Warwick, Kate Bush, Chaka Khan and Tina Turner. (How the HELL is she not already in???)

Trump pushed for months to undermine election results, prosecutors say 

Where do I get an application? 

Dear GOP: If keeping people from voting is the key to winning elections, maybe you should think about championing policies that appeal to more voters 

"Nearly 60 percent of the people facing charges related to the Capitol riot showed signs of prior money troubles, including bankruptcies, notices of eviction or foreclosure, bad debts, or unpaid taxes over the past two decades." 

Cool, but now that 'individual one" has skated, my gut tells me he will continue his life of no accountability, one-term presidency notwithstanding 

After five years of a person who had his Twitter account taken away from him, Democrats need to just shut this line of attack down 

Great. One down, 74,216,153 to go 

Twitter announces that Trump’s ban is permanent -- even if he runs for president in 2024. 


ThePolarBeast said...

I was shocked that: Tina Turner, Carole King, the GoGos and Devo weren’t in the Rock Hall.

Thanksegon said...

Watch Vance in NYC. He isn't fucking around with Trump. That's the one that will stick.