Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/09)

Adam Kinzinger: "We’ll never move forward by ignoring what happened or refusing to hold accountable those responsible. That will embolden the few who led us here and dishearten the many who know America is better than this.” Watch the impeachment live HERE

Ari Berman: Trump lawyer says impeachment was too "rushed" when they confirmed Amy Coney Barrett 8 days before election when 65 million had already voted 

First Zoom meeting I have ever found interesting 

Impartial jury member weighs in 

This is what justice looks like for LGBTQ people 

Minneapolis Mayor McHottie: “There is an unspeakable depravity in doing harm to those who work to heal us. Those who have stepped up and risked their own health for ours."

In an emotional Tuesday afternoon press conference, Wright County officials said Ulrich is known to them, and 'has a history of being angry at health care' 

Senate votes 56-44 to proceed with Trump impeachment trial

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