Sunday, January 10, 2021

Trumplicans Aren't Just Dreaming of a White Christmas

Why do liberals make "everything about race?” says the party that only targets votes/voters in predominantly black cities, enlarges the nose of a Jewish candidate and darkens the skin of a black candidate in ads, waves the Confederate flag in the U.S. Capitol, wears Camp Auschwitz and 6 Million Wasn’t Enough T-shirts to a riot to overturn a free and fair election won by a ticket that embraces racial justice (and features the first woman of color) and whose leader rose to power by spending a decade falsely claiming the country's first black president was not born in the U.S. so was therefore illegitimate. #traitors

I'm under no illusion that Trump cultists will ever stop being racists. But what will happen under humane leadership is that racist policies will no longer be championed and enacted, and the trickle-down effect will be that racists will have to go back underground. As sad as it sounds, it's about the most we can hope for -- and would be a welcome relief from these past five years.

Man with assault rifle charged with threatening Pelosi, officials say 

I am 100% behind a second impeachment. In addition to everything we already know, the Washington Post reports that Trump also pressured a Georgia elections investigator in a yet another disturbing call that legal experts say could amount to obstruction of justice. And WSJ reports that Trump forced a U.S. attorney in Georgia to resign as part of broader push to overturn the state’s election results 

And even now, the ONLY thing he regrets is having (belatedly) agreed to a peaceful transfer of power. 

Pro-genocide and anti-Jewish ideologies have become a common sight both online and offline 

"It's about election integrity ..." 

And speaking of flags: Mr. Devoid of Empathy lays himself bare, again 

Josh Marshall: So many terrible things have happened this week. But I have to say this spectacle of the President of the United States rushing from account to account trying and failing to get back on Twitter is just deeply pitiful. 

 Twitter says plans for Jan. 17 armed protests are circulating

'The celebration of democracy is over': In Russia, gloating, shock, laments as mayhem mars end of U.S. electoral process 

Fortune Feimster: And what happens when someone smarter than Trump takes a swing at this? 

Rufus Gifford: I'm really over anyone arguing that Trump being banned from a private social media platform is somehow a threat to democracy. You know what's an actual threat to democracy? Someone intentionally and maliciously spreading misinformation and propaganda with the intent to incite a riot to overturn a free and fair election. 

Michael Musto: So a wannabe dictator trying to throw out vetted and certified results through a violent coup shouldn't be banned from a social network, but it's OK to refuse to bake a cake for a nice lesbian who's getting married? 

Michelangelo Signorile: Trump supporters keep writing to tell me Twitter is not a private company -- as opposed to say, the government -- because it is a “publicly-traded company.” Are these people really that stupid? No need to answer. 

Hell, I was BANNED by Twitter for tweeting about an anti-LGBTQ former U.S. lawmaker hypocritically being on Grindr -- and the only way I could come back was to delete actual journalism.


ChanteOcean: And remember Trump-obsessed mail bomber Cesar Sayoc?  We have forgotten so quickly... Amongst the chaos, the serious story such as this was on the news only for a few days 

Man spotted carrying speaker's lectern arrested in Florida 

Decency Matters: It’s hard to find activities that are fun for the whole family. 

Police departments across the U.S. open probes into whether their own members took part in the Capitol riot

In these disturbing times it's reassuring to know that these scumbags are being held to account.

(The FBI even has a ‘wanted’ poster seeking 10 individuals involved in the insurrection)    

I love a good frog march -- but what's up with Grandma? Can't tell if she's being sarcastic about Crazy Donald or not! 

The family of the Capitol Police officer bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher by the Trump mob doesn’t want his death to be “politicized.” Why might his loved ones not be furious at these monsters? Turns out he too was a Trumplican so they're willing to let it go. How is this not a cult? 

Countdown: 10 days until we have a new administration. 

Although he's claiming to have "not ruled out" using the 25th Amendment, Mike Pence appears to be completely unwilling to protect the nation -- and the world -- from Donald Trump, even though his boss tried to HAVE HIM EXECUTED. Again, how is this not a cult?


Jack said...

We are doomed.

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It's clear now: it's a cult.