Sunday, January 10, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/10)

@tharfagreinir: It's interesting how abusers always behave in such predictable ways that it can be modeled accurately. Now we are at the 'I'm sorry that things got so out of hand, now we need to heal but that requires you to shut up about what I did' part. 

I wish I had any faith in these people to do the right thing 

Even more proof that the GOP is now a death cult 

Don't kink shame a "patriot" πŸ™„  (Snopes apparently debunked this, but I'm going to be a Republican for a minute and chose to believe it anyway!)

The death toll increases 

Anyone who isn't a Ku Klux Klan member thinks Clarence Thomas should be impeached over his wife's failure to censure herself after continually sharing far-right extremist conspiracy theories on Facebook and cheering on white supremacists stormin the Capitol 

Schwarzenegger calls Trump "worst president ever," likens his Capitol mob to the Nazis / Watch HERE

Sexy Pennsylvania lawmaker is urging support for impeachment so that Trump is "banned from holding any public office ever again." 

I was BANNED by Twitter for tweeting about an anti-LGBTQ former U.S. lawmaker hypocritically being on Grindr -- and the only way I could come back was to delete actual journalism.

It's almost shocking how few people understand what the First Amendment says 

Parler's rules don’t prohibit hate speech and false information, yet CEO John Matze said the reason Big Tech gave it the boot is because “We were too successful too fast”(!) 

Countdown: 10 days until his term is up, yet as funny as this Pence tweet is, it's not entirely true. Pence is still propping up the man conspiring to have him killed 

I'm so traumatized by the past few weeks that this may be something I do with every person I meet for the next year or two.


Actress Lydia Cornell wrote a post that I thought was worth sharing. For the uninitiated, the "big lie" is a propaganda technique used for political purpose. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler in "Mein Kampf," (1925) about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."

Here's the BIG LIE: Trump lied over and over about the election being "stolen." Georgia did 4 recounts, hand count and signature verification. Same result each time. Same with Pennsylvania. They lost 80 court cases for lack of evidence. How can a president lie and convince his supporters he won the election in a landslide? THE ELECTION WASN’T EVEN CLOSE. This is positively bizarre and dangerous -- especially since he won't condemn Q, who believe all Democrats are satanic pedophiles! LOL He actually didn't call the National Guard at all; Pence did it after it was too late. Trump had to be talked into asking for "no violence: but by then it was too late. Did you see the video of the COP getting crushed by the mob who kept pushing? Wow. The prez turned a blind eye when his nazi militia stormed violently into a federal building and kills people! Has Trump made America great again? You can't shout fire in a crowded theater as a prank. Trump has been inciting violence since before the El Paso shooting, when the shooter used Trump's own words to kill "Mexicans" at Walmart and he massacred 23 people. Trump didn't denouce the kidnapping plot by the militia in Michigan, to kidnap the governor. And on Fox News on TV -- Trump's lawyer said the Cyber Security expert Chris Krebs should be drawn and quartered and "shot at dawn," simply for saying this was a secure and safe election. WHAT??? Since when are death threats and lies and fomenting violence okay? QAnon says that all Democrats are 'satanic pedophiles." Trump says he likes QAnon (anyone who flatters him.) Trump has been trying to overthrow a fair election. QAnon has its roots in antisemitism. The worst travesty is how QAnon and evangelical trump supporters drape themselves in "God," and use the language of Christ, but they are wolves and serpents. Something has highjacked the hearts and minds of good republicans, who are members of the most dangerous, delusional and horrifying cult of our century aside from nazism.

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