Monday, January 25, 2021

Too Clever by Halfwit


I had to unfollow a beloved singer/songwriter last year because her LGBTQ+ activism had become disturbingly cartoonish. So when I saw she ignored President Biden’s lift on the trans military ban, I couldn't resist trolling her about it, knowing she wouldn't disappoint -- and boy did she not.

While I know she and others like her are well-meaning, as a gay man who came of age at the height of the AIDS crisis and legalized discrimination it’s rather infuriating watching supposed activists refuse to take yes for an answer. 

Although she is not young, she is new to queer activism -- and from my experience, this has become the new norm. Note to Gen Y and others with this mindset: You're not helping. You may feel good in your little echo chamber, but you've taken yourself out of the political process. (10 points for using imperialism, though.)

P.S. You better believe this and Biden's other trans executive order meant something -- the right is going nuts.

Here's a piece based in reality by my friend Tim Teeman. Read HERE.

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joepelpro said...

That person sounds like those "gay activist" who thought Mayor Pete was too white and ot gay enough to represent them.