Sunday, January 31, 2021

Speedo Sunday


Here's a special retro post, to celebrate the release of “well-endowed, blond top twink” Shawn Mayotte's NEW MEMOIR!


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The one-time porn performer and A-list escort writes:
This is my life story. It's a brutally honest description of my childhood, which was scarred with physical and sexual abuse by my parents, priests, probation officers and others who were my authority figures in the LA County Probation System. I was incarcerated throughout my teenage life - from 12-17, never seeing the outside world. This was from 1977-1982. I was emancipated to the streets in 1982 and landed in the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic when there was no name for this disease, I watched 30 of my fellow hustlers die of a disease that had no name before I turned 18. I was lucky to get off the streets because I had a musical talent that enabled me to play with many famous recording artists of the time: Billy Preston, Neil Young, Dan Hartman, James Ingram and many others. I held the hands of many dying men breathing their last breaths, eventually becoming an aid to hundreds of now deceased AIDS victims. Though ashamed at the time, I also performed in Adult Films in the 1980s and was a top nude model throughout the decade, my pictures gracing the covers and centerfolds of many pornographic publications. In those days, we could live separate lives. My son and I googled my stage name, Shawn Mayotte in 2006 and we were stunned at how my popularity as a model was world-wide. Today, we tell the truth, or the internet tells it for us. This is the true story of a grateful survivor.

ICYMI: Read Matthew Rettenmund's interview with Shawn HERE.

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