Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/26)

Senate impeachment whip count: Where Democrats and Republicans stand 

'New president, who dis?'

'It's time to act': Biden moves to address racial inequity 

I hope she wasn't late for her Mensa meeting 

Mr. Danforth regrets mentoring the weasel insurrectionist 

Josh Hawley: 'Not liking me is a violation of my First Amendment rights.'  #ConsequenceCulture 

Matthew Mason beat Alex Rodda, 15, to death with a wrench after paying him to keep relationship secret 

Nikki Haley thinks Trump is the true victim of the insurrection: “Give the man a break” 

My '90s child hubby: Why is Tabitha Soren in the White House briefing room? 

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