Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/06)

As scary and sad as this is, it needed to happen because it's the perfect visual representation of what GOP lawmakers have been inviting and condoning these past four years -- and just how un-American it is to go through with this entirely baseless objection to the certification.

Trump didn't get the most votes in 2016 and he didn't get the most votes in 2020. And now that he's cost the GOP the House, the White House and the Senate, it's time for Republicans to put demagoguery behind them and become a real political party again ... if not for the sake of democracy, so that we don't all have to fear for our safety just because the pendulum inevitably swings.

P.S. Trump needs to be impeached and removed by the end of the day so he can never run for federal office again.

  Also, something tells me if Trump wanted to do a photo-op at the Capitol right now, that crowd would be dispersed in seconds.

Protesting because of systemic racism in policing resulting in the execution of black people and protesting because "your guy" didn't win a free and fair election are the same thing, right? 

Understanding Narcissistic Injury by Karyl McBride Ph.D. 

Matthew Rettenmund: Narrator: But Hillary Clinton would go on to live the rest of her life without being locked up, while Trump would not be so lucky

Looks like Kelly Loeffler will be doing outsider trading from now on 

From the party who brought you "Obamacare doesn't work" while doing everything within their power to undermine Obamacare 

I think many Dems are going to be disappointed by this, but the 'FU, Mitch' factor should not be underestimated 

If only life were this simple 

Reminder: We get our country back two weeks from today! xo


Anonymous said...

100% agree Kenneth. The pics and vids from DC today should be on full display every time a Trumplican opens their fucking mouth.

Myk said...

A second impeachment - this one for inciting insurrection - is required here. Please contact your congressperson and demand that they act on this as soon as possible, preferably Friday 8 January. Not to impeach would embolden him and his ahistorical followers.