Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/05)

Wait, did Trump just concede? 

Coup that to me one more time 

A federal judge in Atlanta denied a last-minute effort by Trump to decertify Biden’s victory in Georgia. 

Rosanne Cash: 'All the President's Men' seems like a rom-com now 

Indeed. But again, they only care when it directly affects themselves 

Now we know Rep. Jamie Raskin's son took his own life. Truly heartbreaking. I thought I understood depression (in theory, not personally), but something tells me I actually don't know the first thing about it. 

RIP (again). Read HERE

Sad-sack alert 

His name is not Susan, but his room is fierce!

Reminder: Buckle your seat belts, guys. We have the Georgia runoffs and decision on whether the Kenosha cop who shot Jacob Blake will face criminal charges today -- and the certification of the Electoral College vote tomorrow. On the upside, this all ends two weeks from maรฑana.


Myk said...

re: "Wait, did Trump just concede?" That provoked explosive laughter. Thanks so much. I needed the release.

David K said...

It's the ultimate "white savior" movie, but growing up I loved Sheena, queen of the jungle. RIP Tanya Roberts

joepelpro said...

Tanya Roberts had plenty of hot male co-stars let's not forget she was in "Beast Master" with Marc Singer. She was too young to die- may she rest in peace