Friday, January 01, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/01)

 I set out to take the day off, but couldn't help but put this roundup together!

Karma is off to a great start in 2021! Read HERE

Buncha capsize queens

Completely right. I truly believe if the current GOP ever gets another person in the White House, it will be the last election of my lifetime. (Steve Schmidt AGREES.)

Heartbreaking news. The lack of cause makes me fear the S word 


Rejecting Trump veto, Republican-led Senate backs defense bill 

What about crackpot-on-crackpot violence? 

This made me smile. 

She's stealing my mom's routine where she lambasts me for 'dirtying every glass in the house'! 

Listened to this today while making dinner and nearly peed my pants! (It's on Spotify)

I'm as disgusted as the next gay. But for my money, I think Elton John's playing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding and Madonna's being an unrepentant coronavirus conspiracy theorist -- actual Trumpian behaviors -- are far more cancelable offenses than two has-beens trying to make a buck. (I already hated Vanilla Ice and Mike Love, so no love lost there!)

Reminder: 19 days until our nation's long nightmare is over


Matthew said...

Madonna is behaving like an idiot by traveling around, but she isn't exactly a COVID conspiracy theorist; she is regularly tested (and has shown it). I think her mistake was she had it early on and was treated with hydroxychloroquine and since she got better felt it worked for her. Daniel Dae Kim and scores of others thought so, too, but it was probably just that they got better in spite of it. So yeah, that was fucking stupid. but she hasn't been running around saying COVID-19 isn't real. She's currently doing what most people are doing — taking some precautions and not wearing a mask nearly often enough. Your Elton John comparison is more apt and that WAS disgusting, but he WAS PAID for that, too, just like Terri and Taylor. Taylor Dayne is not homeless; she lives in a mansion. They may have liked the $, but don't make the assumption it was just for $ — both are probably Trumpers. But either way, to me, if you're siding with fascists during a coup, that is always worse than taking stupid risks with COVID-19, which if you look around seems to be something the majority of the country is doing — at least off and on. My 2 cents. But yes, Madonna is acting foolish.

Bill Carter said...

Everybody already hated Vanilla Ice and Mike Love, but Berlin? That was a real surprise and disappointment. Loved them in the 80s, for
"Sex", "Masquerade", "The Metro", and "No More Words".

I found that the old "Bands Reunited" Berlin episode is on YouTube, because of course it is.

Special note to Kit212:

Per Wikipedia, In 1999, Berlin opened for The Go-Go's on their West Coast reunion tour.