Monday, January 18, 2021

Mug Shot Monday


Over the weekend I caught the episode of "Evil Lives Here" about Ian Stawicki, who in 2012 murdered five people before killing himself after a dustup at Cafe Racer in Seattle. In addition to his matinee-idol looks, what jumped out at me about the case is that Stawicki seemed to embody so many characteristics of today's Trumplicans, up to and including a delusional paranoia about the U.S. government that led him to violence. 

Later that day I got to thinking about conspiracy theorists: What happens if the random guys we meet on hookup apps turn out to be QAnon rather than Cute-anon? 


JP Aragon said...

I have a close friend who has become a conspiracy theory nut but I don't think I could date one.

David K said...

how can the Aus Open be fair now, I wonder if this was some point of pride by the Aussies-see we can do this! rather than an intelligent decision. I get there's money involved but man, what a screw up